October 25, 2014

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Memorial Tribute …. Honoring our Veterans and Loved Ones Gone Before

We take time to honor our fallen heroes and those of our families who have gone on home. This wonderful short video will remind you of why we fight for liberty. It will awaken some hidden emotions of patriotism, as we hear from our last great … [Read More...]

Was Governor Tomblin’s Pro-Life Stand a Sham? His Actions Say, “Yes!”

Tomblin said, ‘I believe there is no greater gift of love than the gift of life.", then with his pen in hand he sanctioned the continued murder of babies up to the day of delivery. While murderers using a knife or a gun are charged with murder for … [Read More...]

March on Washington DC for Marriage – June 19, 2014

Mark your calendar. March to the White House to protect the institution of marriage. "One Man one Woman - No Counterfeits" … [Read More...]

Press Release: Family Group Announces Publication of 2012 Voter Guides and PAC Endorsements

Press Release: Family Group Announces Publication of  2012 Voter Guides and PAC Endorsements August 20, 2012 Press Release   WEST VIRGINIA FAMILY FOUNDATION, INC FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Kevin McCoy Phone: (304) … [Read More...]

Christians attacked while exercising their faith.

A group of peaceful demonstrators were recently assaulted in Little Rock during a rally against Obamacare and its abortion mandate. The group, “Tradition, Family and Property,” a Catholic organization, works to call attention to religious … [Read More...]