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The West Virginia Family Foundation (WVFF) advocates for public policies with a Christian worldview to advance and protect religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and traditional family values.

Through research, education and advocacy in public policy, we ensure traditional  conservative views impact social, moral and family issues being considered by members of the West Virginia Legislature.

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WVFF seeks to reinstate the traditional marriage laws that honor God’s intent for marriage from the Bible and affords children conceived in that marriage the best home environment to grow to adulthood. Along with other states, our SCOTUS made law that recognized same sex marriage (SSM). Governor Tomblin was quick to overturn current law and welcome, with open arms, same sex couples to get married in our state. WV was protected by DOMA laws until it was deemed unconstitutional by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court of the United States voted 5 to 4 that our U.S. Constitution does recognize SSM. WV Family is hopeful that this ruling will again be challenged when a new President and stronger conservative House and Senate is elected in November of 2016.

Prior to the Supreme Court of United States, WV Family Foundation sought state protection for traditional marriage with the voters being allowed to vote on a statewide ballot. We started this on January 30, 2006 by introduction of (HJR-106) and (SJR-12). We sought to strengthen the legal definition of marriage as only between “one man and one woman”, with no counterfeits, and our battle for this continues even to this day.

To learn more about our latest efforts to promote the Marriage Protection Amendment campaign, please visit us at: ProtectWVMarriage.com follow us on Facebook for updates on SSM.

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