The Gaying of West Virginia – One City at a Time

Homosexual activists are waging war on morality in West Virginia. They are meeting with municipal councils in an attempt to sway them to grant special civil rights status in the areas of employment and housing. The acronyms for this are ENDA and EHNDA. To date they’ve been very successful.

Of the approximately 19500 municipalities there are only around 225 that have succumbed to the homosexual’s propaganda of so called  victimization by society in generality and Christianity in particular.

Homosexuals pitch their notion that they were born to commit deviant sex acts with same sex partner(s). They say they cannot change their behavior and therefore they should be treated like others who’s immutable characteristics have been granted civil rights. They want society and council members to put their sexual behavior on par with race, sex, ethnicity, age, disability, national origin, etc. However, truth be told, we observe, not literally, people engaged in homosexual behavior for a time and then see them stopping the behavior for a time or leaving the homosexual lifestyle forever. They move on to heterosexual marriage, enjoy sex God’s way and as a result start raising their own children. So are some born that way and some not? We all have sin natures and the Bible speaks of a sin that so easily besets us. Yours may be homosexuality others may be gambling, drug abuse, temper tantrums, gluttony, etc.

Even though the vast majority of society looks down upon their deviant sexual behavior, they are very successful in bringing many council members to their side to pass policies and ordinances that favor their behavior. Most councils have impressionable and ill informed members passing new civil rights ordinances for the entire city. When you give a group special rights and protections you also take rights and protections away from another group. These are special civil rights above and beyond what is provided for via the U.S. Constitution or a state’s Constitution which are base on immutable characteristics. Homosexual sexual behavior is mutable and therefore doesn’t rise to same standard provide by present state and federal law.

Even some Christian conservatives buy into the lies being told by gay activists. and succumb to their wishes. All this is usually done on the QT, behind closed doors, without input from Christians, conservatives or even liberals with good common sense. When the perfect time is picked, preferably during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years holidays, when people are thinking about the blessings of these holidays. They sprint the Bathroom Ordinance on the citizenry of municipality and limit the time allotted for any debate on the substance of the proposed ordinance or the unhealthy impact on the homosexual in particular and society in general.

WV Family Foundation stands against this politically correct attack on traditional families, landlords and business owners.

Supreme Court of the United States – Same Sex Marriage

June 26, 2015 will be the date remembered by conservative Americans as the day the Constitution’s Rule of Law was abandoned by a majority of our Supreme Court. Liberal activist justices applied the Rule of Preference over Constitutional law to settle the issue of who can be married in the U.S. The Court justices took it upon themselves to make law out of new cloth. Something the U.S. Congress is supposed to do.

The actions of our Supreme Court will have many negative effects upon citizens families, employers and upon our nation as a whole. Continue to pray for God’s will to be done in America. Do that now.