David McCauley and Laura Foulks are trying to take over the City Council in Buckhannon

Former Mayor of Buckhannon David McCauley is running for city council, and Laura Foulks support’s McCauley’s agenda. In 2019, McCauley proposed an ordinance to allow men in girls’ bathrooms.

Very clearly, in McCauley’s ordinance, it says that all people are provided “equal access” to “places of public accommodations” upon the basis of “gender identity.”
As defined by federal law, a “public accommodation” is any public facility within a business, church, gym, organization, school, or even within a nursery. Public facilities include bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, and locker rooms.
This allows men to simply identify as ‘female’ and gain access to girls’ bathrooms.


“Liberals like David McCauley and anyone who aligns themselves with his shouldn’t be Buckhannon City Council,” WVFF President Ray Lambert stated. “All around West Virginia, we work to promote family values and prevent radical liberals from getting into city, county, or state offices. Politicians like David McCauley are dangerous, and attacks on the family cannot be tolerated. When a city official places your children in danger, you can’t allow them to serve as Mayor and you can’t even allow them to serve on the city council. They will ram through their agenda, and wreak havoc on our communities.”
Stop McCauley and Foulks’ liberal takeover of Buckhannon City Council.