Jason Barrett Sponsored a Bill to Let Men in Girls’ Bathrooms

Just last year, Jason Barrett co-sponsored a bill in the West Virginia Legislature to let men in girls’ bathrooms. This bill is also referred to as the ‘Fairness Act.’ Very clearly, in Barrett’s bill, it says that all people are provided “equal access” to “places of public accommodations” upon the basis of “gender identity.”
A “public accommodation” is any public facility within a business, church, gym, organization, school, or even within a nursery. Public facilities include bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, and locker rooms.
This allows men to simply identify as ‘female’ and gain access to girls’ bathrooms.
Jason Barrett was a registered Democrat and liberal politician. When Republicans took control of the legislature, Barrett said that he switched to republican so he could get more done.
Barrett told MetroNews, “I always believed in things important to Democrats.” Talking about his decision to re-register, he continued, “It has everything to do with being able to accomplish good things for the people of West Virginia. This isn’t about getting the job. This is about doing the job.”
Right here, Barrett did not say that he had an ideological change. He said he just switched because it’s about “doing the job,” meaning that none of his liberalism-injected bills would go anywhere if he was registered as a democrat. So, he switched parties, acting as a trojan horse in the GOP. 
He co-sponsored this bill with Joshua Higginbotham, an openly-homosexual activist legislator, who is also now running for state senate primarily to pass the ‘Fairness Act.’


“All around West Virginia, democrats have been re-registering as republicans just to hold on to their power. Jason Barrett co-sponsored a bill to allow adult men in girls’ restrooms, and also has a very pro-abortion record. Liberals like Jason Barrett should be kept out of the Republican Party, and certainly kept out of Charleston,” WVFF President Ray Lambert stated.
Jason Barrett, a liberal and former Democrat politician, is now running on the Republican ticket for the State Senate in District 16.