NEWS Release: Homosexual civil unions legislation introduced!


February 16, 2012

CONTACT:  Kevin McCoy
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CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A civil unions amendment has been introduced by Del. John Doyle (D-Jefferson) would afford homosexuals the same recognition and benefits reserved exclusively for heterosexual married couples. H.B. 4569 “Creating a state recognized status for civil unions was introduced by Delegate Doyle this afternoon.

West Virginia Family Foundation President Kevin McCoy commented shortly after the bills introduction.

“The comprehensive Marriage Protection Amendment offered by our organization in 2006 has remained hostage in House Constitution Revision by leadership for seven years now (HJR-106), while legislators continue to remain indifferent to the threat posed on several fronts by homosexual activists and their allies in the WV Legislature” McCoy said.

McCoy stated the amendment introduced by Del. John Doyle is not the only amendment his organization has been watching which would have the same effect to redefine marriage as only between “one man and one woman”,  allowing civil unions and domestic partner benefits.

McCoy continued “Another amendment equally as dangerous to undermine traditional marriage was introduced on February 22, 2010 in the West Virginia Senate, SJR-14. The language contained in this amendment  is but one sentence and would allow for the same type of homosexual counterfeit relationships, protecting marriage in name only”.

“The time for WV legislators to act is now before homosexual marriage is foisted upon us all” McCoy concluded.

To read the WSAZ story on the on this issue, please visit http://bit.ly/zjXRby

To learn more about the Marriage Protection Amendment, visit ProtectWVMarriage.com.

The West Virginia Family Foundation is a conservative pro-family public policy and education organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom and the sanctity of life.


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