Was Governor Tomblin’s Pro-Life Stand a Sham? His Actions Say, “Yes!”

Tomblin said,I believe there is no greater gift of love than the gift of life.”, then with his pen in hand he sanctioned the continued murder of babies up to the day of delivery. While murderers using a knife or a gun are charged with murder for their actions, which results in the death of a child in their mother’s womb, our governor walks free. Most, if not all, the children killed in the latter term abortions are viable babies. Ones that could be born and allowed to grow into an adult, were it not for Governor Tomblin’s pen and the abortionist’s knife.

Not hindered with having to campaign again for re-election, Tomblin’s true heart is exposed for what it was. Just another democrat courting the Pro-Life voters so they could be re-elected. Where was his compassion and common sense as he sat at his veto table?

It really appears that the democratic party played politics with the lives of the unborn babies here in West Virginia. Now all the democratic delegates and senators can say they voted for life, as they court their gullible constituents, placing the blame on the back of the lame duck Earl Ray Tomblin

Time to convene another legislative session and put the democrats’ true heart to the test. Ask democrats to pass HB-4588 over Governor Tomblin’s veto. The voters deserve this but the unborn children deserve it more!  I hope you remember this in the voting booth when the choice is between a liberal and a conservative. I know I will. I trust you will too.
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