Church Liaisons

WVFF is looking for church members to be their church’s link with WVFF. One of the most important persons involved in the restoration and communication process is the Church Liaison. Church Liaisons represent their respective churches in the local WV Family Foundation chapter, and their responsibilities include helping the pastor initiate and facilitate civic involvement among the church congregation. The church liaison also encourages their fellow church members to join WVFF’s email list, so they can get immediate news of hot topics and issues of concern to conservative Christians.  Additional responsibilities will be to take communications from WVFF, on pressing moral and social issues, and relate those issues to the church’s membership to those church members that may not have email or internet capabilities.

The liaison can, with the approval of their pastor and the assistance of West Virginia Family Foundation, initiate the following activities:

  • Conduct regular voter registration drives to achieve registration of all eligible voters in the church
  • Distribute non-partisan voter guides, legislative scorecards and special inserts through the church bulletin
  • Disseminate legislative updates and issue alerts throughout the year
  • Form and oversee a Citizenship Ministry to help activate fellow church members

As Christians, we must not forget that we have God-given stewardship duties that encompass the political process. God ordained government; He therefore ordained our involvement in the governing process.  Does this sound like a role for you?  If it is, go to our WVFF join us form and mark the appropriate box as you register to receive our email alerts. Please include your church name, and your phone number. Answer God’s call to educate and protect your church and state today!

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