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We have an opportunity to do good for West Virginia in the Legislature now with the recent republican majorities. PLEASE GIVE TODAY so we can continue doing what we have been doing since 1992, as advocates for policies that advance and protect religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and traditional family values. Small gifts are greatly appreciated too.

Thank you so much for your prayers and generous financial support.

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To give a recurring monthly gift, please contact our offices.

Your Gift Will Help Us to Accomplish These Goals in the Future:

Reclaim the definition of marriage as being only between one man and one woman and overturn the 2015 SCOTUS law passed out of the Judicial Branch of our Government, not the Legislative Branch it should have been directed to. Liberty University’s letter to Pastors on Same Sex Marriage!

Work with WV legislators to reclaim the original school bully bill, H.B. 3023, enacted in 2001 which created Policy 4373. This comprehensive bully-bill was passed a decade ago to ensure it was not a “hate crimes” bully-bill, after learning of the back door pro-homosexual ‘Civil Right Team Project‘. The original Policy 4373 protected ALL children from bullying equally without opening the door for “class’ or “group” status which WV schools now promote. Your support is vital to help us continue this fight to reclaim our legislation in the upcoming sessions!

To publish future election Voter Guides using Voting Records and new candidate questionnaires so we can inform WV voters about candidate positions on key conservative family issues.

To promote safety of women and children from sexual predators who seek to use bathrooms and dressing rooms of the opposite sex in schools and public facilities.

To enable us to continue the fight against laws that give special rights to homosexuals in housing and employment as a special class of West Virginian citizens who participate in the risky homosexual behavior.

These goals and others that will no doubt come before us can be changed with your prayers and support.  Will you join our efforts?

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