Thanks for your interest in joining our efforts to make West Virginia a better place to raise a family in.  A donation of any amount is truly appreciated. Sending a monthly check, or one time check, is the easiest way to join with us. Our liberal friends are very well supported financially. It does take contributions to continue the fight being waged against conservative Christian values.

The West Virginia Family Foundation (WVFF) is organized as a 501(c) (4) nonprofit corporation. This organizational structure  provides us with the ability to lobby at the WV Legislature and be pro-active in supporting or opposing legislation impacting social, moral and family policies being considered by members of the West Virginia Legislature.  The IRS prohibits us to extend to you a tax deduction for gifts given due to our lobbying and legislative activities.

If you appreciate our efforts to make certain your voice is heard at the WV Legislature and hold your elected representatives accountable on legislation they support or oppose, please consider making a contribution!

To make a non-tax deductible contribution to the WVFF, please send your check to:

WV Family Foundation
PO Box 1000
Sophia, WV 25921-1000


PO Box 1000   Sophia WV 25921    www.wvfamily.org


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