Thank You for Completing our Questionnaire

Thank you for completing our 2012 Family Values Questionnaire!

The West Virginia Family Foundation, Inc. (WVFF), is a statewide pro-family organization and affiliated with the American FamilyAssociation based in Tupelo, Mississippi. Our state goal is to encourage and cultivate an appreciation in our communities in our state for traditional family values. We strive to achieve this goal through both public education and legislation, as well as by supporting those candidates who best reflect these values.

The 2012 Family Values Questionnaire provides us a tool in this process by having knowledge and views on a variety of social issues from those who have never held public office, as well as identify those candidates who refuse to complete our questionnaire.

We hope your responses provide us the ability to issue you a Friend of the Family certificate, and/or an endorsement from our Political Action Committee.

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