Issues and Concerns

  • The erosion of America’s Judeo-Christian heritage.
  • Returning our state and nation to the traditional definition of the family as a male and female, as a married couple, in which the two are committed to each other in a loving and married relationship. This concern includes such issues as: same sex marriage, hate crimes legislation, provision of benefits to partners of the same gender, and the teaching of tolerance for homosexual relationships in any learning or teaching setting using public funds, whether to children or adults.
  • The adoption of children to individual homosexuals or homosexual couples either married or unmarried.
  • Keeping private our public bathrooms, locker rooms and showers rooms as single gender as determined by one’s sex at birth.
  • The protection of children whose young impressionable minds may be influenced or manipulated to cause them to seek to change their sexual gender via genital mutilation.
  • The rights of parents to rear their own children in accordance with their own belief system, in choosing the teaching of their children, and in maintaining control over what their children learn and what their children are encouraged to do, believe or accept within their classrooms.
  • The limitation of pornographic materials that is available to children in schools, libraries, public businesses through the internet and in print; and the limitation and control of sexually oriented businesses in the state.
  • The battle to protect the innocent unborn child’s right to be born from conception to birth irregardless of gender selection by parents . We first seek to end the inhuman practice of partial birth abortion.
  • Respecting the mother’s right to an abortion only in the case where her life is threatened by the birth of her baby. We believe life begins at conception.
  • Oppose all efforts to introduce euthanasia as a means of medical care for senior citizens, mentally ill and chronically ill.
  • The provision of state tuition tax credits to those parents who choose a private or home school education for their children.
  • The dependence by the State of West Virginia for general revenue derived from in state gambling with the devastation it brings upon children and families.
  • The national move by liberals and leftist politicians to reshape capitalistic America into the form of European countries who follow either socialism, fascism or communism.
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