Latest News on WV Family Issues

David McCauley and Laura Foulks are trying to take over the City Council in Buckhannon

Former Mayor of Buckhannon David McCauley is running for city council, and Laura Foulks support's McCauley's agenda. In 2019, McCauley proposed an ordinance to allow men in girls' bathrooms. Very clearly, in McCauley's ordinance, it says that all … [Read More...]

We Endorse Judi Meyer as a ‘Friend of the Family’ for State Senate – District 1

The West Virginia Family Foundation has endorsed Judi Meyer as a 'Friend of the Family' for State Senate in the District 1 Republican Primary Election. Judi is a strong supporter of homeschooling, school choice, pro-life bills, faith, and policies … [Read More...]

Jason Barrett Sponsored a Bill to Let Men in Girls’ Bathrooms

  Just last year, Jason Barrett co-sponsored a bill in the West Virginia Legislature to let men in girls' bathrooms. This bill is also referred to as the 'Fairness Act.' Very clearly, in Barrett's bill, it says that all people are provided "equal … [Read More...]

WVU President & Board Members push Drag Queen venue on Local Children

West Virginia University President and University Board Members refused to pull a Drag Queen Story Hour reading event after receiving calls and emails by WV residents to do so. Morgantown mayor and council members refused to stop the event … [Read More...]

The Gaying of West Virginia – One City at a Time

Homosexual activists are waging war on morality in West Virginia. They are meeting with municipal councils in an attempt to sway them to grant special civil rights status in the areas of employment and housing. The acronyms for this are ENDA and … [Read More...]