David McCauley and Laura Foulks are trying to take over the City Council in Buckhannon

Former Mayor of Buckhannon David McCauley is running for city council, and Laura Foulks support’s McCauley’s agenda. In 2019, McCauley proposed an ordinance to allow men in girls’ bathrooms.

Very clearly, in McCauley’s ordinance, it says that all people are provided “equal access” to “places of public accommodations” upon the basis of “gender identity.”
As defined by federal law, a “public accommodation” is any public facility within a business, church, gym, organization, school, or even within a nursery. Public facilities include bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, and locker rooms.
This allows men to simply identify as ‘female’ and gain access to girls’ bathrooms.


“Liberals like David McCauley and anyone who aligns themselves with his shouldn’t be Buckhannon City Council,” WVFF President Ray Lambert stated. “All around West Virginia, we work to promote family values and prevent radical liberals from getting into city, county, or state offices. Politicians like David McCauley are dangerous, and attacks on the family cannot be tolerated. When a city official places your children in danger, you can’t allow them to serve as Mayor and you can’t even allow them to serve on the city council. They will ram through their agenda, and wreak havoc on our communities.”
Stop McCauley and Foulks’ liberal takeover of Buckhannon City Council.

We Endorse Judi Meyer as a ‘Friend of the Family’ for State Senate – District 1

The West Virginia Family Foundation has endorsed Judi Meyer as a ‘Friend of the Family’ for State Senate in the District 1 Republican Primary Election.

Judi is a strong supporter of homeschooling, school choice, pro-life bills, faith, and policies defending the family.

We encourage everyone to vote for Judi Meyer in the upcoming election on May 10.


Jason Barrett Sponsored a Bill to Let Men in Girls’ Bathrooms

Just last year, Jason Barrett co-sponsored a bill in the West Virginia Legislature to let men in girls’ bathrooms. This bill is also referred to as the ‘Fairness Act.’ Very clearly, in Barrett’s bill, it says that all people are provided “equal access” to “places of public accommodations” upon the basis of “gender identity.”
A “public accommodation” is any public facility within a business, church, gym, organization, school, or even within a nursery. Public facilities include bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, and locker rooms.
This allows men to simply identify as ‘female’ and gain access to girls’ bathrooms.
Jason Barrett was a registered Democrat and liberal politician. When Republicans took control of the legislature, Barrett said that he switched to republican so he could get more done.
Barrett told MetroNews, “I always believed in things important to Democrats.” Talking about his decision to re-register, he continued, “It has everything to do with being able to accomplish good things for the people of West Virginia. This isn’t about getting the job. This is about doing the job.”
Right here, Barrett did not say that he had an ideological change. He said he just switched because it’s about “doing the job,” meaning that none of his liberalism-injected bills would go anywhere if he was registered as a democrat. So, he switched parties, acting as a trojan horse in the GOP. 
He co-sponsored this bill with Joshua Higginbotham, an openly-homosexual activist legislator, who is also now running for state senate primarily to pass the ‘Fairness Act.’


“All around West Virginia, democrats have been re-registering as republicans just to hold on to their power. Jason Barrett co-sponsored a bill to allow adult men in girls’ restrooms, and also has a very pro-abortion record. Liberals like Jason Barrett should be kept out of the Republican Party, and certainly kept out of Charleston,” WVFF President Ray Lambert stated.
Jason Barrett, a liberal and former Democrat politician, is now running on the Republican ticket for the State Senate in District 16.

WVU President & Board Members push Drag Queen venue on Local Children

West Virginia University President and University Board Members refused to pull a Drag Queen Story Hour reading event after receiving calls and emails by WV residents to do so. Morgantown mayor and council members refused to stop the event too.

Callers were told by President Gee’s representative that the children would be removed from the audiance, after the reading, before the second more perverse drag show would start. It was pitched as being only for adults.  More than half of the children, and their parent, stayed to watch the drag queens full show.

A WVU staff member read a story pro-homosexual “sissy duck” story to indoctrinate the children into accepting homosexual behavior as normal and without any negatives by those who enjoin themselves to their risky behaviors. Ducks included.

Why would educated adult men and women, WVU staff members and city council members, allow the innocence of children to be taken by viewing these vile professional sex workers . Was it to appease the campus homosexual lobby? Likely so. The attack upon children is well beneath the mandate of WVU staff and city councils. Like doctors, they should strive to do no harm, especially to children. Shameful.

Look for more of this pushing of pro-homosexual agenda from more WV colleges and universities. You can help stop it by withholding donations to those “learning” institutions who promote homosexuality as wholesome and without risks to participants and society.

Call Dr Gee at 304-293-5531 or email him at presidentsoffice@mail.wvu.edu. Tell him to cease promoting the unhealthy lifestyle and deviant sexual behavior of homosexuality and to stop misusing our tax money doing in so.


The Gaying of West Virginia – One City at a Time

Homosexual activists are waging war on morality in West Virginia. They are meeting with municipal councils in an attempt to sway them to grant special civil rights status in the areas of employment and housing. The acronyms for this are ENDA and EHNDA. To date they’ve been very successful.

Of the approximately 19500 municipalities there are only around 225 that have succumbed to the homosexual’s propaganda of so called  victimization by society in generality and Christianity in particular.

Homosexuals pitch their notion that they were born to commit deviant sex acts with same sex partner(s). They say they cannot change their behavior and therefore they should be treated like others who’s immutable characteristics have been granted civil rights. They want society and council members to put their sexual behavior on par with race, sex, ethnicity, age, disability, national origin, etc. However, truth be told, we observe, not literally, people engaged in homosexual behavior for a time and then see them stopping the behavior for a time or leaving the homosexual lifestyle forever. They move on to heterosexual marriage, enjoy sex God’s way and as a result start raising their own children. So are some born that way and some not? We all have sin natures and the Bible speaks of a sin that so easily besets us. Yours may be homosexuality others may be gambling, drug abuse, temper tantrums, gluttony, etc.

Even though the vast majority of society looks down upon their deviant sexual behavior, they are very successful in bringing many council members to their side to pass policies and ordinances that favor their behavior. Most councils have impressionable and ill informed members passing new civil rights ordinances for the entire city. When you give a group special rights and protections you also take rights and protections away from another group. These are special civil rights above and beyond what is provided for via the U.S. Constitution or a state’s Constitution which are base on immutable characteristics. Homosexual sexual behavior is mutable and therefore doesn’t rise to same standard provide by present state and federal law.

Even some Christian conservatives buy into the lies being told by gay activists. and succumb to their wishes. All this is usually done on the QT, behind closed doors, without input from Christians, conservatives or even liberals with good common sense. When the perfect time is picked, preferably during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years holidays, when people are thinking about the blessings of these holidays. They sprint the Bathroom Ordinance on the citizenry of municipality and limit the time allotted for any debate on the substance of the proposed ordinance or the unhealthy impact on the homosexual in particular and society in general.

WV Family Foundation stands against this politically correct attack on traditional families, landlords and business owners.

Supreme Court of the United States – Same Sex Marriage

June 26, 2015 will be the date remembered by conservative Americans as the day the Constitution’s Rule of Law was abandoned by a majority of our Supreme Court. Liberal activist justices applied the Rule of Preference over Constitutional law to settle the issue of who can be married in the U.S. The Court justices took it upon themselves to make law out of new cloth. Something the U.S. Congress is supposed to do.

The actions of our Supreme Court will have many negative effects upon citizens families, employers and upon our nation as a whole. Continue to pray for God’s will to be done in America. Do that now.



House Government Affairs Public Hearing on HB-2881

The State Capital Building conducted a public hearing on HB-2881, a bill to control and curtail the ability of municipalities, counties and governmental entities from passing or adopting non-discrimination laws for homosexual behavior.

The 8:00 hearing saw a large  gathering of homosexual men and women, plus many of their supporters, in the House chamber. 55 of their number had one minute each to speak in opposition to HB-2881. Four men supporting HB-2881 , consisting of two pastors, FPC’s state president and WVFF’s chairman, spoke in support of the measure during their time allotted. Though very short, one minute is more than enough time to make one’s point, especially with God on our side. We could sense a peace around us which put the other speakers at a great disadvantage!

HB-2881, if passed, would have removed the ability of state municipalities, counties and state government entities to establish non-discrimination ordinances and policies favoring homosexual behavior. It would have made all prior non-discrimination ordinances null and void as well. It brought the passage of any future non-discrimination ordinances or laws back to the legislature where it rightfully should be. Granting civil rights provisions to our 134 elected Delegates, Senators and our Governor, not to a handful of elected council members or department heads, who have heard just one side of the issue and are more easily manipulated by seasoned homosexual activists.

One transsexual, a man dressed completely in women’s attire, was escorted away from the podium, after having his microphone turned off for continuing to speak long after his one minute. Other than this, the hearing proceeded respectfully by both parties during the hour. So we can talk like adults after all!

Leading up to the public hearing, the lead sponsor and some co-sponsors were emailed at least one death threat over their sponsorship of HB-2881. The email was promptly turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Beckley Common Council Hears from Christian Voters Again – No EHNDA Ordinance

Round Two:

Homosexuals and their supporters were rebuffed again at Beckley Common Council’s bi-monthly meeting. 105 people listened as four speakers, representing WV conservative groups, pastors, businessmen and landlords, spoke against granting civil rights status for homosexual behavior in housing and employment. Sound common sense arguments were presented against the ordinance while one WV HRC representative spoke in favor of the ordinance with a plea to treat all people fairly.

A couple of local churCity of Beckleyches gathered petitions from their congregations and submitted 750+ of them to the council in opposition to the ordinance. The homosexuals submitted approximately 375 petitions in favor of the code change. During the meeting a speaker ask those citizens in attendance to stand in opposition to the proposed code change. 95% +/- of those in attendance stood.

The Mayor and Council listened intently to the speakers and then moved to close the meeting.A short video and excerpts made by the speakers are available from the Register-Herald newspaper, click here.


Praise God for the pastors, church members and general public that gave up time with family to show up in opposition to this ordinance. Our homosexual friends have vowed to continue the fight until they succeed.

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WV Homosexuals Bummed Out by Beckley City Council Action

WV conservative groups, pastors, and businessmen were made aware of  a Beckley councilman’s request for the City to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” into the city’s Human Rights non-discrimination code last week. He did this at the request of a Beckley citizen who has a homosexual son.

City of BeckleyAnti-homosexual groups, WVFF included, started making contact with council members, Beckley pastors and   residents. The news spread fast through Raleigh County’s and Beckley’s Christian community.

Calls were made to council members to express their displeasure of the possible outcome if this request came before the Common Council. No doubt callers recalled the recent news from Houston, TX, where a lesbian mayor approved the issuance of subpoenas for sermons and emails of Houston Pastors. Five pastors had recently worked together to acquire and submit 50,000+ signatures, seeking to overturn their city’s new homosexual non-discrimination ordinance. The Beckley ordinance would have been almost identical if taken up and passed by Council members.

Praise God for the wisdom of these men and women, as prudent conservative council members, who saw through the attempt by homosexuals activists, Fairness WV, to get special rights passed in their city.

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Memorial Tribute …. Honoring our Veterans and Loved Ones Gone Before

We take time to honor our fallen heroes and those of our families who have gone on home. This wonderful video will remind you of why Americana fight for liberty. It will awaken some hidden emotions of patriotism, as we hear from our last great Presidential  speaker, Ronald Reagan.

President Reagan was not shy about quoting Bible scripture when he spoke to the American people, to our international friends and enemies as well. I personally believe he “truly” loved America and appreciated the liberties our veterans secured and protected for Americans with their own blood sacrifices.  Much like our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, did for us upon Calvary’s cross.

God bless America and may He bless your Family Today!

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