House Government Affairs Public Hearing on HB-2881

The State Capital Building conducted a public hearing on HB-2881, a bill to control and curtail the ability of municipalities, counties and governmental entities from passing or adopting non-discrimination laws for homosexual behavior.

The 8:00 hearing saw a largeĀ  gathering of homosexual men and women, plus many of their supporters, in the House chamber. 55 of their number had one minute each to speak in opposition to HB-2881. Four men supporting HB-2881 , consisting of two pastors, FPC’s state president and WVFF’s chairman, spoke in support of the measure during their time allotted. Though very short, one minute is more than enough time to make one’s point, especially with God on our side. We could sense a peace around us which put the other speakers at a great disadvantage!

HB-2881, if passed, would have removed the ability of state municipalities, counties and state government entities to establish non-discrimination ordinances and policies favoring homosexual behavior. It would have made all prior non-discrimination ordinances null and void as well. It brought the passage of any future non-discrimination ordinances or laws back to the legislature where it rightfully should be. Granting civil rights provisions to our 134 elected Delegates, Senators and our Governor, not to a handful of elected council members or department heads, who have heard just one side of the issue and are more easily manipulated by seasoned homosexual activists.

One transsexual, a man dressed completely in women’s attire, was escorted away from the podium, after having his microphone turned off for continuing to speak long after his one minute. Other than this, the hearing proceeded respectfully by both parties during the hour. So we can talk like adults after all!

Leading up to the public hearing, the lead sponsor and some co-sponsors were emailed at least one death threat over their sponsorship of HB-2881. The email was promptly turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.