WVU President & Board Members push Drag Queen venue on Local Children

West Virginia University President and University Board Members refused to pull a Drag Queen Story Hour reading event after receiving calls and emails by WV residents to do so. Morgantown mayor and council members refused to stop the event too.

Callers were told by President Gee’s representative that the children would be removed from the audiance, after the reading, before the second more perverse drag show would start. It was pitched as being only for adults.  More than half of the children, and their parent, stayed to watch the drag queens full show.

A WVU staff member read a story pro-homosexual “sissy duck” story to indoctrinate the children into accepting homosexual behavior as normal and without any negatives by those who enjoin themselves to their risky behaviors. Ducks included.

Why would educated adult men and women, WVU staff members and city council members, allow the innocence of children to be taken by viewing these vile professional sex workers . Was it to appease the campus homosexual lobby? Likely so. The attack upon children is well beneath the mandate of WVU staff and city councils. Like doctors, they should strive to do no harm, especially to children. Shameful.

Look for more of this pushing of pro-homosexual agenda from more WV colleges and universities. You can help stop it by withholding donations to those “learning” institutions who promote homosexuality as wholesome and without risks to participants and society.

Call Dr Gee at 304-293-5531 or email him at presidentsoffice@mail.wvu.edu. Tell him to cease promoting the unhealthy lifestyle and deviant sexual behavior of homosexuality and to stop misusing our tax money doing in so.